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{and let's dance away our sadness}

maybe you'd fall for me in the process.

infinite's yadong
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About Us

This is a community for the pairing YaDong or DongYa (Dongwoo and Hoya/Howon from the KPOP group Infinite) and for the relationship between the two. You can write it as either YaDong or DongYa, either is acceptable. but it doesn't have to require a top or bottom either. it can be non-smut, or a friendship fic, whatever it is. Any works relating to the two are permitted, including fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, etc. Please follow the rules below and feel free to join and post freely.


1) No bashing! Respect others and their hard work.
2) No plagiarism! Let people see your own works, not others!
3) Tag properly. If you have any questions about the tags, feel free to ask!
4) If posting directly to the community, USE AN LJ-CUT PLEASE! If not, DO NOT LINK TO FRIEND-LOCKED ENTRIES WITHOUT A NOTICE ON THE POST! (i.e. Locked in 72 hours)
5) Lock all R/NC-17 posts to the community.
6) If listing previous chapters in chapter fics, list them horizontally to save room on everyone's f-lists.
7) Post in standard font.
8) Ask before advertising!

Any rule-breaks must be fixed within 2-3 days or it will be deleted. Check the links section to find the Posting Guidelines and Tagging guidelines.


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Posting Guidelines:
Read this before posting.

Tagging Guidelines:
You must tag properly. For help on that, read this.

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