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Tagging Guidelines

 Okie dokie, so here's a little tagging guideline for you guys who are confused about what to tag your posts. Please use these as a reference, and if you need any more assistance, contact a mod for help. :D

Rating Tags

G: Suitable for everyone
PG: Some material may not be suitable for children.
PG-13: Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.
R: Under 17 requires accompanying by a parent or adult guardian.
NC-17: Strictly for 18 and above. Contains explicit/adult content. (though I know there are those younger perverts like me xD) 
    *Remember to lock R/NC-17 fics to the comm!
Length tags:

Drabbles: Short fics, usually 500 words or less
Oneshots: Only one chapter, stand-alone works, more than 500 words
Twoshots: Only two chapters
Threeshots: Three chapters
! tags: (I'm not sure what else to call them)
Only thing I have to say about this is that if you're advertising, please as a mod before doing so. Other than that, the rest is pretty straight forward. :)
Fanwork tags:

Fanfiction: Written works, purely fictional 
Fanart: Artworks, either hand-drawn, or photo manipulation. 
Fanmix: Collections of songs, or an album reflecting on characters, movies, songs, etc
Video: Videos made, eg. Parodies about Myunyeol
Genre Tags:

Action: Also known as Shounen, includes things like fighting and violence, more fast-paced action
Adventure: Revolves around character(s) going on a trip/journey, usually for good fortune
Angst: Sad. more depressing works
AU: Alternate universe, works placed in a different setting than realistically (examples being high school, Netherland...whatever you can think of)
Drama: Brings on a more emotional response, ie through tension or sadness
Fantasy: Anything but ordinary, with magic, secret lands, all that fancy stuff
Fluff: Happy, light, cute works that, well, are just adorable X3
Horror: Fearsome, terrifying works that are frightening (and usually not too good on the faint hearts)
Humour: or Comedy, just funny little things to bring some nice laughs to everyone 
Mystery: Unsolved cases, mysterious events, anything that makes you keep guessing until the end with all the clues you have 
Smut: Sexual scenes occurring. If it is implied, or very slight, then still put it in the smut genre, but rate it as R unless the scene is very explicit.

I believe I covered everything, except for author tags because I felt that was quite straightforward. But for those who need it, you match the tag with the first letter of your username. So for example, I am darkqueen_25, so I would list a post of mine under the "author:d" tag. :)

If you want to suggest tags or ask a question about the existing ones, comment here or ask a mod. ^_^

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