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Human Behavior

Title: Human Behavior - Second Chapter
Author: {me}
Pairing(s): YaDong, WooGyu, MyungYeol
Genre(s): Romance, Fluff, Slice-of-Life
Warning(s): Boy-love(?)
Rating: PG
Summary: Howon finds his definition of the word "love" being completely different than what he had first thought.

Ch 1 → Myungsoo-centric

( Dongwoo laughed. Howon couldn't help himself. His eyes took in the other's features, completely full of mirth. He caught himself doing that a lot, even watching past interviews and shows. )

Unrelated: I'M THE FIRST?? :O
Tags: author: y, fanworks: fanfiction, genre: fluff, length: chaptered, rating: pg
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